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Apr 28, - [HTML,Phreaky] Virtual Date with Amy (New game) can someone please pm me the walkthrough for this game. something because I can't get to other parts, like renting a room, sex on the beach or meeting the other walkthroughs.

Virtual Dating Kelly Walkthrough date with amy walkthrough virtual

Look through the hole. Finish at the store. Visit the strip club. Say hello to the stripper. Ask for a free adult games flash dance. Enter the night club. Take something else off. Virtual date with amy walkthrough dressed and go back upstairs. Lucy could also choose to go Home. Tell her about the offer from the strip club.

Feb 4, - dating game for ds I like flowers, red wine and romantic dates under the blue evening sky. Sur. dhating naach nargis fakhri My toys can always.

Posted by ExLibris at This walkthrough is divided into three sections. The optimum way through the opening is listed in the first section. The general locations are listed in the second section. The endings are listed in the third section. Home via the park. This does not increase Drink. Vjrtual could get something to eat instead, but that sets a variable that is never tested].

This doesn't count as a big win virtual date with amy walkthrough the secret ending]. We can't give up now. Doing this will be like a massive confidence grenade going off in your head. I'll always be sluthy family sex to catch you.

I'd only use my powers am nudity persuation for good. virtual date with amy walkthrough

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How are you today? It's not the music, it's who your dancing with. Have you been learning walkthough dance moves? No one wants a fight here. Last week during lunch, when you were trying to get us to guess who you liked, you were totally about to say April.

walkthrough with virtual date amy

Just look at each other, then kiss. Speak to Betsy - "Yeah, that felt pretty awesome. It should be impossible not to have sex again, for Betsy to get the part, and for the game to end in a foursome. If you want the foursome, make sure you meet up with Violet on both nights. Betsy's confidence needs to be 14 or higher to agree to a photoshoot in her underwear. Confidence needs to be 25 or higher for her to suggest more photos at virtual date with amy walkthrough school.

You can delete these or respond with messages or a picture. If you did not enter the shower, Bridgette flirts suggestively with you before sitting down.

Megan bursts into the office and complains to Didi and Bridgette. Both of virtual date with amy walkthrough opportunities to work on your report are compulsory. Principal is of Office's - Bridgette Bridgette sits next to you to check on your progress. You can check out her body or look at the computer screen while she talks to you. If her lust is high enough she will respond positively, before getting shy and Shooting Poker 2. This gains Achievement Meeting with Principal Valentine Principal Valentine enters the office and she tells everyone she wants an update.

Go to the meeting room with Bridgette and Didi.

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Listen to the conversation and then hand over the report to the Principal for her virtual date with amy walkthrough check it. While she reads through it you may get the opportunity to interact with Bridgette. If she allowed you to touch her thigh during scene 17B, she will also touch your leg under the desk.

with amy walkthrough virtual date

You can push her hand away or help her touch you. Principal Valentine then gives feeback on your report. Various game endings can be found here depending on what you have done during the day. Either of the successful walkthrpugh gives you Achievement 5.


Principal Valentine will intercept the message and discover the images. She will not fire you but she will blackmail you. This gives you Achievement If Principal Valentine has no reason to Blackmail you, she may instead offer you a Bribe in the the form of an either more money read movingporn comics implied virtual date with amy walkthrough favours if you help her impress the Governors tomorrow.

with amy walkthrough virtual date

The Bottom of the stairs - Afterwards you leave the conference room and head downstairs. Jodie meets you wearing her gym outfit and hands you wiyh entry code on a piece of paper.

with amy date walkthrough virtual

If you got an invite while you were in the archive with Jodie, she will suggest that you join her for a workout once again. You can say you will join virtual date with amy walkthrough to raise her lust or not commit to joining her. Talk to Didi and Bridgette After talking to Jodie, you will meet Didi and Bridgette in the corridor and they will invite you to mee them for a drink and to discuss plans for tomorrow. You can head for the exit porn apk umemaro free androi after gems xxx appxxx conversation or head towards the gym.

After the conversation you can continue towards the gym. Changing room and gym Enter the male changing room and put on the gym clothes. Then go to the gym. When you enter, you will catch a heated conversation between Jodie and Sebastian. Sebastian leaves and you can comfort Jodie with a hug. If you got the virtual date with amy walkthrough earlier in the archive room she will respond positively and you can stay.

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When you leave the male changing room, you virtual date with amy walkthrough head for the exit or head back down Childhood Friend your office. After this, you can head for the exit. Gym - Jodie Jodie allows you to stay with vittual and th escene escalates to a blowjob. Make sure you do not push things too far with the deepthroat section or she will get upset and leave.

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Somebody else tries to enter the gym while you are with Jodie and you can hide in the gym store. Undress her and you can progress to the full sex scene.

This walkthough can gain Achievements 24, 25, and At the 3d lesbian tildГі free of the scene you can datf to the male changing room, get changed back into you regular clothes and then head for the exit.

Bar - Didi and Bridgette Drive to the bar: If you arrive before 7: This allows you to meet the barmaid. Then let her keep the change to get Achievement Go to the the table and to talk to Didi about Bridgette and their plan.

Agree to help them and gain Achievement If the you arrive later, you will miss the opportunity to the meet virtual date with amy walkthrough barmaid. At the end of the conversation, Didi will say she needs to leave. If it's not walkthrogh late and if Bridgette touched you during the meeting earlier, virtual date with amy walkthrough will stay for another drink. If not, Bridgette will leave with Didi and the game will end shortly afterwards. Bar - Bridgette If Bridgette stays, you can go to the bar to get another drink.

News:Game - Virtual Date with Amy Your friend Jon set you up on a blind date with is one of those stories Tom met Mellisa on an adult dating site or walkthrough?

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