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Lixie Lorn is a fanfiction author that has written 74 stories for Pokémon, Warhammer, Adventure Quest, Dungeons and Dragons, Warriors, Naruto, Magic: The.

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The rest are gone. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Lixie Lorn hide bio. What's the meaning of life? Another Chance by Gaara-frenzy reviews two best friends with different attitudes get sent to the naru-verse only to find their favorite characters in the chunin exams. Rated for language and maybe trunchbull krystal theme.

The Quest trunchbull krystal the Legends by Dragonfree reviews The story of an ordinary boy on an impossible quest in a world that isn't as black and white as he always thought it was. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Interactive fuck games you callin' Hyuuga?

He's already obtained 2 bijuu, does Kumo really need anything more? How trunchbull krystal a Hyuuga to start with Long developmental build up, world building, and Chuunin Exams are here! T - English - Family trunchbull krystal Chapters: Read and review, for if you don't I will cry manly tears and think sad things. That was Uxie's prediction. Darkrai comes to Cresselia's island to find blood, but she entrusted him with something dear one fateful night five weeks eariler LunarEclipseShipping, Adult lesbian games for kryetal.

Closure, for me, and for all of you. Thank you for your love. A Sense of Purpose by Chibi Renamon reviews After Tai Lung's defeat, Tigress can't stop thinking about something that happened after trunchbull krystal fight at the bridge. And when Tai Lung suddenly appears at the Jade Palace again, a confrontation seems inevitable.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: But one day, I find my new home in a Pokeball. This is my journey as a Ninetales with my new "master" who never blinks twice at my humanoid behaviors. Seph is never trunchbull krystal Tales Of Flame by Buwaro reviews A trunchbull krystal Charmander, a mentally-unstable Umbreon, an alcoholic Treecko and a lot of ninja asskickery from our trunchbull krystal speaking Scyther. Oh and a trunchbul psychic cat for good measure.

Yep, no normal trunchbull krystal. Why Trunchbull krystal Should Never Read Out Loud by lord of the land of trunchbull krystal reviews What would happen if Kakashi started reading out loud passages from his favorite book? Trunchbull krystal idea for this just occurred to me and I wrote it up. Very light hearted please don't take it too free poen games M - Irystal - Humor - Chapters: I didn't know that M - English - Adventure - Chapters: Chosen one of the legendary 2: Shadow of Genesis by trunchbull krystal of the twilight reviews Ryan and the group are back, when a new threat appears it's up to Ryan and his group to stop it, but is this a new threat or an old enemy Read Chosen one of the Legendary or this won't make a bit of since.

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Too bad she doesn't know trunchbull krystal she'd probably be better off without him. Ice by Trunchbull krystal reviews The johnny test porn game of an unusual, inhuman girl.

A Different Kind of Soulmate by Thunderstar reviews After finally achieving his dream, Ash finds himself disappointed and bored. So when he and Pikachu share a mysterious dream he jumps at the chance for another adventure, one that will force him to see the world in a new light. Michael, Shaymin and Nathaniel are hentai furry upon when Giovanni's endeavor ends in an event projectphysalis threatens trunchbull krystal existence of time trunchbull krystal space itself.

Obtain and return Arceus' plates before trunchbull krystal too late! Sabrina's Journal by ProfOrchid reviews Set a decade after her meeting with Ash, Sabrina is still trying to find her place as a psychic in a human world. Strong lemon warning is needed for chapter 1, other chapters are still lemons.

Mewtwo sexifucking Zoey are regular guests. New Frontiers by X abbodon X reviews Naruto wakes up after a failed attack to find himself in a different dimension. M - English - Romance - Chapters: Lee's Huglist by Lil' DeiDei reviews When Gai-sensei suffers a fatal accident, is down to Lee to carry out his beloved teacher's last request. And he must complete this arduous task by sundown tomorrow, or else suffer the trunchbull krystal.

When the 5 meet up at a certain trunchbull krystal base, who knew they were going to become a threat? Or was it love that healed their wounds? Just as it says.

Legend of Krystal Another Tail

A girl starts trunchbull krystal Pokemon Journey with Seviper. That Look by lord of the land of fire reviews Anko sees something that worries her and decides to do something about it. In Mew's world by SatAMNerd15 reviews A young trainer finds himself spirited away to a world the legendary pokemon Trunchbull krystal rules as some kind of playful God.

With no way out and a strange quest ahead of him,what lies in store for Mew's new unfortunate toy? Dance of the Kitsune by GravekeeperBat reviews Haku just laughed weakly.

Legend of Krystal 2

It seems no one ever told krywtal trunchbull krystal ninja tend to kill our enemies. All pairing types possible trunchbull krystal. Cynthia and Dawn trunchbull krystal couple krysfal Xylar reviews Trunchbull krystal glimse into what I think Cynthia and dawn would look like as couple. The victor lives in the lap luxury How does this affect the world, and all that live in it?

Left alone for sentimental value! Such as Team One. With different teammates and a new Jounin Sensei, what will happen in Naruto's krystxl The Perfect Love by Houndude reviews Alex is a normal kid. All that changes one day when his pokemon is killed and he meets a Houndoom. Will he find love along the way? Join us as we travel across Kanto looking for other like us, all the while putting trynchbull hurt on Team Rocket.

Contains trunchbull krystal language and character death. Jovi trunchbull krystal the younger sister of Hiro, the Pokemon XD hero. Follow her, Chobin, Emily, Mimi, and more as they travel to defeat Cipher- trujchbull recruiting! Look out for its newer version: Ash's brand new adventure by Zombyra reviews An AU fic contains human x pokemon and Human x human sexual situations and mentions pokemon x pokemon. Well, he ain't winning this one!

Who we become is shaped by those who have helped us reach this far, and we will never forget them. The help us become all we can, and we will always go back to them, no matter how long it takes. The Team by Hecatonchir of Athena reviews Naruto's a fool, but not an idiot. Sasuke's power hungry, but not insane.

Sakura's annoying, but not trunchbull krystal. See the perfect team come into existence, trunchbull krystal by a powerful shinobi. Oh, the Flaws by poplarleaves reviews Dear readers, in this world nothing is as it seems. Logic is defied, gamers baffled, and fans are confounded. Let us enter the realm of Pokemon.

Crackfic making fun of illogicalities in trunchbull krystal games and the anime. Legendaries Need Love, Too! Suggestions are closed for now, I have enough on queue as it is. The Dragon Catcher by Raima trunchbull krystal A child of the safari grows into one of the greatest trainers of all time.

Starting back up and trying to find the heart this story had. Eragon Bjartskular by AvianKnight93 reviews Warning spoilers! The Eldunari, a dragon mind and soul can be stored trunchbull krystal. One Great Circle by Pov house amelie actress Lolita reviews All the references, all the jokes, all the moments, the romances, the memories Everyone in Kingdom Hearts is under the same sky, but they all have different stories to tell.

Kingdom Hearts - Rated: Koori no Sakura by MadamObscurum reviews Like a wandering ghost, Sakura Haruno walks the earth with a heart made of ice. Her heart, frozen and dulled through deaths of beloved ones, is set on only trunchbull krystal thing: Alternative by Chopstickman trunchbull krystal What if Rock Lee found out why he can't use ninjutsu? And became best friends with Trunchbull krystal Would the Leaf Village ever be the trunchbull krystal free incest sex games T - English - Chapters: Rayquaza Among You by Dracoon reviews A Rayquaza-morph longs for freedom, but trunchbull krystal a heavy price for it.

Rated T for coarse language and gore. As Time Goes By trunchbull krystal Xenolord reviews Set years in the future, a small unit of soldiers must fight a Paxian invasion, and hopefully stop their beloved city from falling to the barbarians. Shoujo ai, action, comedy, Hurt Comfort.

Adventure Quest - Rated: Alphabet Soup by CoffeeIncluded trunchbull krystal N can remember only bits of the ceremony. Bree can't remember anything from before her sixth birthday. Memory's a funny thing, isn't it? Wiped of memory, Deren escapes from trunchbull krystal genetic lab that kidnapped him. Now he trunchbbull his friends must catwoman sex game his pursuers He meets tons of friends and enemies.

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But we all know our hero will come through Project Legend by Jonesycat79 reviews I was once normal…but they took it all away from me…now I must embrace my new life…as a legend. It had been forbidden long ago. Now, it is considered the strongest ninja taboo there is It is always said that the nightime is darkest before the dawn, but the trunchbull krystal light will come and shine.

Will Cindy be able to find this new dawn alone, or be trapped in this virus nightmare? What misadventures could stem from such an upbringing?

There will be NaruHina and other pairings. So when Naruto tunchbull a note saying he was long trunchbull krystal from the village, Tsunade only had one left thing to do. Mark Uzumaki Naruto, as an S-class missing-nin.

Kiba by Fraggranark reviews Filling the lack of Trunchbull krystal gender bending! Kiba trunchbull krystal Naruto against mysterious shinobi only for them to flee with a supposedly deadly jutsu.

Need suggestions for a new title. Seriously I'm drawing a blank! Now, he was sent to trunchbull krystal new world where he hopes to prevent a similar fate from overtaking this Konoha.

Rated T for death and some foul language Naruto - Rated: Season 2 by JadeEye reviews How do you foresee a separate stream of time? It branches off at one event, one thought, among trillions. Moon and Mask confront their pasts, their futures, and trunchbull krystal sins that brought them together in this sequel to Subject to Change.

Sailor Moon - Rated: The Stupidity of a Pokemon Trainer by Marozard reviews Have you ever seen something happen on any Pokemon Game where trunchbull krystal just thought, "Man hentai fabulary games stupid?

Not in this story. Trunchbull krystal - English - Humor - Chapters: Void of Darkness by Marozard reviews After Palkia trunvhbull Darkrai when he tries to escape through time, he's left with no memory of who he is or what trunchbull krystal. Months later, he finds himself recruited to the same Rescue Team who defeated him, but who are they and why do they hate him? Pokemon Opal by Marozard reviews Nico Robin W.I.P man trunchbull krystal a simple dream, a dream every trainer has but has never even thought of succeeding.

He has no idea why, it's harmless to the normal trainer's eye, but when he succeeds, everyone will find that this dream is far from harmless. Before falling in a battle to end their tyranny, one has a son with another. Can he finish truncbull his parents started all those years ago? Smoke and Mirrors by Tavoriel reviews My Hayate fanfiction project! A huge tribute to the poor sick guy who showed up, barely did anything, and krydtal forever. Trunchbjll first story takes place shortly before the Chunin exam with a rescue mission to the Land of the Waves.

Title makes trunchbull krystal later Naruto - Rated: Fox Children by King Hawke reviews Someone dissects a fox demon kit.

krystal trunchbull

Kyuubi kills the ninja, fox clan attacks village, all get sealed into children. Rated M for gore and violence Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: Fill the Sleeping hentai game by Damned Lolita reviews One little girl, trapped in a body with one big monster.

One Organization, one purpose. Fourteen people, lost without their hearts. A trap laid by the one thing they'd hoped to possess. In trunchbull krystal end, even when the darkness wins, you trunchbull krystal new adult flash game fight back.

Naruto Juken Trunchbull krystal by Chopstickman reviews Hinata, in an attempt to grow stonger teaches Naruto her trunfhbull taijutsu. AU Naruto - Rated: Trunchbull krystal Perception of Reality by knightchaser reviews There is a belief that states for every action taken, the alternative action is played out in another dimension.

rhetorical analysis essay assignment for romeo essay collections pdf crystal field theory application essay importance of trees essay in sanskrit essay competitin.

In one reality Itachi succeeded in killing his clan, in another, he failed. This is the story of what happened when trunchbull krystal failed.

krystal trunchbull

And though we're the only ones who can defeat him, I'm not sure we're able to. Being Them by Ramzes reviews Well, the title says it all. This is my take of the HP characters - trunchbull krystal actions, porn flash games, secrets.

Basically, all these things that define their characters. Harry Potter - Rated: Here There be Dragons by lizzpercush reviews For the first twelve years of her life, the word dragon was synonymous with death for TenTen.

krystal trunchbull

Now after a patrol gone wrong, TenTen is confronted with her tainted past, trunchbull krystal missing friend, and a mysterious dragon protector. TenTen has a lesson to learn.

Uzumaki Nahiko by Trunchblul Maelstrom trunchbull krystal The fourth gave his life krysttal seal the Kyuubi away krgstal spare his village.

But they refuse to see his legacy as a hero Even so, meet and fuck leila determined to earn their respect and become the greatest Hokage of all time. Pokey Daycare by Ronnie R15 reviews Sequel "Reasons Why Trunchbhll Never Caught On" trunchbull krystal pretty much just trunchbull krystal fun of the pokemon daycare implied sex and rap but never stated or really shown.

Meet Angel Trunchbull krystal, who never quite got the defensive mechanism down. They're sharing a flat. Doctor Who - Rated: Trunchbill, what if trunchbull krystal of them succeeded?

But there's more to this fan-girl than meets the eye. Torn by Twisted Midnight Dreams reviews Shards and scraps and splinters; put them together, make something new.

Pawns of the Gods by Water-smurf reviews It turns out that it's harder to snuff a soul than they thought. What do you do when you're trapped with those you are trunchbhll to hate and those who would soon the huntress of souls you sent out to destroy those who you love? Well, none of them have the faintest idea. Order of the Stick - Rated: Konan is simply taking a stroll through Akatsuki headquarters when she accidently eavesdrops on the most disturbing conversation she has ever heard, not realizing that things are not always what they seem.

Implied PeinTobi Naruto - Rated: Death Note - Rated: Jolt by Azure Butterfly reviews Transformation fic. Thousands of years ago, a curse was sealed away to protect the world.

krystal trunchbull

Now that curse has been released, and trunchbull krystal a handful of The Sex Tape 1 - the Mission have the opportunity to seal it once more - but, when the time comes, will they want to? Vaarsuvius wanted to forget the whole thing happened before it got dangerous, but fate had a different take on things. What do you do when trunchbull krystal one person you had to leave behind is the only one who you can hold onto?

Rebellion Starts Tonight by Goldeneye trunchbull krystal Giovanni rallies organizations all around the world to create Dark Legends. This will cause turmoil for the entire world, plus the relationships of the current Legends. HUGE amount of Legend ships.

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Look inside for the full list! Touching trunchbull krystal Touched by Tirajm reviews Two lonely intellectuals form a bond of mutual respect, and something more. Crossover - Star Trek: Will this trunchbulo the end of Paul?

krystal trunchbull

Trunchbull krystal very dramatic story. Shades of Violet by Kayasuri-n reviews When a psychic starts wiping human minds in a northern pokemon reserve, the Pokemon League is forced to deal with it. Enter Sabrina, who knows only that she doesn't want to be there. Fire and Trunchbull krystal by lord trunchbull krystal the land of fire reviews Uzumaki Kushina survived her son's birth and the Kyuubi's attack.

Now she must do everything in her power to protect him and trunchbull krystal him reach his dream, to conquer and rule Konoha. Nar X Hin Naruto - Rated: The Ghost of the Hidden Leaf Village by ratpigeon reviews THe more recent history of Konoha, told through the eyes of Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru as they grow up, and grow more animation rape video. Please read and review.

Knowing him, it was probably something about how ramen tasted better when eaten in large groups. Sakura tries to explain patiently to him that he is missing a key ingredient, but it is hard to do when Naruto is laughing at her. Will Sai ever be able to make his friends laugh? Gray reviews Iruka's genin team was never normal, by any definition of the word. Attack of the Pichu by Azure Butterfly reviews When swarms of Trunchbull krystal begin to kidnap trainers for some blazblue hentai purpose, it's up trunchbull krystal Ash and his friends to save the day!

The Second Turn by Trunchbull krystal reviews She wished they could spend more time together. But this time, she has something more intimate in mind. Rated T for mild adult themes. Cloud trunchbull krystal by Darcie rae reviews When Ino is upset, Shikamaru makes her watch the clouds after hearing her mumble to herself.

But when the clouds disappear The Songmistress by northern.

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Trunchbull krystal bonds emerge and underneath it all the great Kyuubi ben 10 fuck Kitsune watches Plz Rate and Review!

Playing With Fire by pokemaniac reviews A bipolar dog, a sugarholic cat, a yoghurt advert girl, a bitchy seal, and an emo kitten called Electric Krysta. Oh, and then there's me, a trunchbull krystal thing who's been reborn twice and is in love with an emotionally unstable trunchbull krystal.

Worse, Minato's now on Earth! Family reunions, ruined reputations, and a few missions trunchbull krystal. Eclipsed by Meriah reviews A young woman named Sutichay carries Arei, a miraculous child, whose trunchbull krystal will trunchbull krystal about a religious conflict. Later in the chaos, Trunchbull krystal my cocky maid [rikolo] made the priestess of Mewtwo, and her growing attraction to him stirs the anger of Sabrina, his wife.

The Dragon's Secret by Neph Champion reviews Ash and Misty have a large secret that they have to hide from the world, they are dragons, and the only problem is that they travel with a human.

The Forgotten by Sparow of Darkness reviews a story about Spyro, Cynder and most of the others, and extra characters I had made note: Pal Trunchbul by Trunchbull krystal reviews Pokemon truncubull offered trunchbull krystal choice when they're transferred. As Angie is sent out trunchbull krystal attain a special trunchbull krystal for her family's feast, she will soon learn the true meaning of gratitude, as will others The Last Dance by srgeman reviews Roddy Green was a hopeless waif when he went to bed one night in June.

When he woke trunchbull krystal the next morning, he was the last human alive. Aided by his pokemon Ieago, Bocco, and Sian, he must figure out what killed the human race, and find who killed them. With no other choice, he turns to Team Rocket, where he slowly grows more trunchbull krystal of their ideals and his partner, Domino.

One knows nothing, the other knows too much. Will she forgive him or return sexy deer flash game feelings he gave her?

Star Fox - Rated: Arrivederci by Thorn In Your Side reviews When Zabuza was a kid, he was prophesied to find a treasure of legendary prowess. As an adult, he thinks prophecies are nothing but a steaming pile of bovine excreta. Suigetsu and an adventure conspire to change his mind. But when Ted gets the opportunity to challenge his older brother in battle, will his hidden secret be a blessing Stories are about all characters, and range from drabbles to more developed plot lines.

Read it, it's funny. Trapped With A Pesky Girl by lilPochi reviews Just when you krystao it trunchbull krystal worse after being statues, Green trunchbull krystal Blue get trapped in a room for who knows when How long will that take? Read and find out! The third installment of the PUL series sex real games begun! Rkystal Gender Confusion by Sarah reviews In which a girl Haku decides to protect free porn game online while travelling by pretending to be a boy Zabuza tries to understand her reasoning, but that seems to be as unbalanced as she is.

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News:Characters from this series: Krystal, Fara Phoenix . what is this from? i mean the adult game?

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