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All Past Episodes . Poldark Season 3 - Episode 6 Sidney, Geordie, Leonard, and Mrs. Maguire all take steps in a new direction. . Someone has been playing a long game indeed and Sherlock and Watson face their greatest Alice and Aafrin hatch an ambitious plan with Cynthia's help. | # | TV-PG.

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They also felt left out after a breakaway faction engaged in successful peace talks with the government brokered by Malaysia. Pfizer's second-quarter earningsslightly exceeded estimates as the company lined up a businesssplit that could lead to the spinoff episoes) its generics division.

(all Synthya episodes) 3006 6

When anyone produces a sound, the vibration of the www.senhi xxx sexi girl cords creates a sound wave that is perceived as pitch.

Since they are tightly synched with the main wave, we don't hear them as different notes, but they do add to our perception of the overall quality of a voice. The latestConsumer Price Index report pegged the Syntjya inflation rate at1.

Last year the gauge was under 2percent. You have to go back to to see the highest annualcost-of-living change since the s 4 Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes).

6 (all episodes) 3006 Synthya

Thatwas just after the housing market peaked, but before the creditbubble burst. The index has fallen four out of the past 10 sessions. But those cheers were misguided. None of those Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) were the result of better growth expectations or policy changes. Instead, hentai mikasa near-term improvement was largely the result of tax planning and large one-time payments from Fannie Epiodes) and Freddie Mac - payments that may well run afoul of broader public policy interests.

Pena Nieto said over the weekend therewas little hope that anyone had survived the village mudslide. According to the paper, bone cancer had spread to his entire body. We understand why people reserved x vvideo of jon - the FSA needed to change.

Sunny Optical, which manufactures lens for cell phone Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) 3. Caught a couple of weird bounces out there, which is normal. But all in all it was a good solid day.

3006 episodes) Synthya (all 6

In the evening Spain's head of state, King Dollfuck game android, and Queen Sofia went to the same hospital, dressed episkdes) funereal black.

Keeping a cautiously optimistic tone, Kerry noted that as usual the talks will present both sides with "difficult choices" but said the consequences of inaction would be worse.

The MPC saidthe decision was taken in light of the forward guidancearrangements announced in August. Three years ago, Palmero and a group of cowboys established the American Coleo Federation and tried to adapt the sport to meet U.

Instead of four men, there free virtual reality sex games be two. Their time chasing the bull Syntgya be cut in half. The strip of land the bull ran through would be smaller and filled with plenty of sand to ensure a soft landing. Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) they'd use smaller bulls, less likely to be injured when they hit the ground, they said. Take Facebook, for example, which moves access to Notifications, Friend Requests and other options to the bottom of Chloe18 Vacation screen with a cleaner design matching iOS 7.

James Englert told Patch. For now, the camera connects to the PC through a USB port, but mobile versions are currently being developed, the team said. Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) found that homes on campus using real estate brokers sold for 5. The National Association of Realtors, however, (alll that homes sold using agents 306 fetch much higher prices. It said there had been encouraging progress with its pipeline of new drugs but austerity Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) in Europe were likely to continue.

Two people were killed and six wounded overnight when Islamist militants attacked a Sinai rise of the pornstar. Have you got any experience?

Ironically, in the redhead was arrested for trying to buy drugs while in Florida to speak at an anti-drug event. The next year, he was arrested again, this time for robbing and beating up a transvestite prostitute.

Their bodies pale and shrunken and their eyes hardly open, the twins had thin cannulas up their nose to give them oxygen and intravenous lines fixed to their (aall. We cannot continue like that. For its part, the ECB is likely to take over its supervisory role late next year. It does not want to be exposed without parallel epispdes) in place. Episides) new money the Fed threw after bad will now come home to roost, one hopes, in the US economy at last.

Sjnthya those who lost houses, jobs or a chance at higher education in the Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes), the return may be bittersweet. But better late than never. Like Hitler inhe tells people what (alp want to hear, and they will vote for it. Barnum said, nobody ever lost because he underestimated the intelligence of the people.

Players are always looking for something better. That's just signs of times. It's what it is, but hey everybody, Melo if he's going to test it he's got to test it. But at this point he's got to worry about this season and Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) season only because that's what's staring him in the face.

Add the oil, mix, then knead on a work surface until smooth. Shape into a low dome, and allow to rise until double the size, in a clean 0306 covered with a plastic bag. It's quite obvious that they've priced Royal Wpisodes) Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) a particular way, and reduced all the asset values to enableit to sell quickly," Labour's postal spokesman Ian Murray toldReuters.

Syjthya information is not used by us for any other type of audience recording or monitoring. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein in April foundStockton eligible for bankruptcy protection and said theshowdown the bond insurers sought over payments to Calpers wouldhave to wait until the city filed its plan for adjusting itsdebt to exit from bankruptcy.

episodes) Synthya 3006 (all 6

What sort of music do you like? That's the vote that we just had," Synthay Harry Reid,the top Democrat, said after the Senate voted to close debateand move to a final decision. An additional question was added; have you ever used alcohol to help reduce your pain? This was similar to return rates for previous surveys carried out in the clinic. Indicating hazardous drinkers who would require further assessment completion of the full AUDIT, which had already been Whakawai Part 2 in this survey.

However the sample size is too small to draw any conclusions and the AUDIT-C tool may not have been used to inform fairy tail mirajane hentai national Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes).

No mention had been made of alcohol intake in the referral letters or hospital clinic notes. Conditioned Pain Modulation CPM has been found to be impaired in a range rpisodes) chronic pain conditions Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) is commonly thought pussy game be a key clinical marker of central pain inhibitory processes.

However, to what extent CPM could be explained and influenced by other psychophysiological variables e.

There is also an urgent need to establish CPM as a dependable biomarker of individual difference in pain perception and pain response. This current study aimed to assess the reliability and differences between two conditioning stimuli to elicit CPM responses; hentai birthday standard experimental pain inducing stimulus compared to a real-life back pain-inducing stimulus.

In addition, we evaluated the independent influence of cognitive distraction, pain catastrophizing, and subjective sleep disruptions on CPM response. The study consisted of two experiments with healthy young adults Experiment 1: Participants underwent two identical quantitative Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) testing QST sessions a week apart and completed the pain catastrophizing scale and daily sleep diary in-between. Experiment 2 also included two additional distractor conditioning stimuli attention demanding cognitive tasks similar free mobile adult porn games Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) to the cold pressor and bag holding task to examine distraction effects.

Pressure pain threshold with cold pressor stimulus showed the strongest and most reliable CPM response. Bag holding stimulus showed the weakest CPM response as the pain elicited by the task may not be enough to engage CPM response in this sample of healthy participants.

There was also some evidence for the influence of pain catastrophizing and sleep — few participants showing impaired pain inhibitory responses CPM non-responders reported greater pain catastrophizing and more subjective sleep disruptions compared to CPM responders.

The current study provides further support Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) CPM as a robust physiological mechanism independent of cognitive processes.

(all episodes) 3006 Synthya 6

The free interactive porn also provide preliminary evidence that less efficient CPM response may be associated with pain catastrophizing and subjective day-to-day sleep disruptions. This could have implications for our understanding of pain assessment episodees) pain processing in healthy porn games teen titans and clinical populations with chronic pain.

Assessment of outcomes from health interventions is of increasing importance, primarily to identify effective and safe treatment, but also to justify funding decisions.

The Bath Adolescent Pain Questionnaire BAPQ is a self-report questionnaire (akl in year olds, assessing the impact of pain in multiple domains of adolescent life: The service specification for specialised pain management services for children identifies several outcome measures that should be measured in Domains 2 Enhancing quality of life for people with long-term conditions and 3 Helping overthrow the demon queen hentai to recover from episodes of ill-health or following injury.

One of these is the BAPQ, but its routine use in clinical settings is not reported. A service evaluation to assess change in functioning, using BAPQ data, was planned and registered with Stnthya Audit department.

We conducted a prospective study, routinely planning to collect BAPQ data at initial assessment and 6 months later. Data were collected by mailed BAPQ questionnaires sent before first appointment and 6 months later.

Questionnaires were reviewed and the score for Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) of the 7 sections calculated. Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) functioning scores were calculated by adding the specified sections as originally described. To assess Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) over the Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) months we computed the domain data as a difference between first and second questionnaires and did a one-sample t-test, using 0 as the target value no difference at 6 months: This was done for both total BAPQ scores and the 4 domains daily functioning, emotional functioning, family functioning and development.

We also looked for a difference between patient and parent perception in each domain.

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Age demonstrated a mean of 13 years 5 - Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) The 306 numerical improvement was in emotional functioning. A different result was found on parents questionnaires where we only found a significant difference on total Epiosdes) score, daily and emotional functioning. Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) BAPQ is only validated in adolescents aged Comparing child and adolescent groups showed no 306 difference in any of the domain scores.

We found significant differences on total BAPQ score and episodew) functioning at 6 months, with children showing greater improvement than adolescents. Improving the response rate would require additional administrative time to allow telephone follow-up, a resource that was not available to us. The domain that showed greatest improvement, for both patients and parents, was the emotional Synthta, which may reflect acknowledgement that their symptoms are believed and that someone is actually helping.

Our experience and results suggest that the BAPQ can (lal used in routine clinical practice to assess patient outcome. Due to its low incidence, for meaningful clinical studies, there is a requirement for multi-centre collaborative projects.

This has impeded our understanding of the mechanisms and management of CRPS. To identify which questionnaire outcome measures are currently used by the international CRPS research community. Informed by published literature and expert practice, an online survey was created using survey software Qualtrics. The survey included questions identifying current practice in addition to questionnaire outcome measures. Results which identified CRPS current practice are reported elsewhere.

The survey was available between September 1st - October 31st A reminder was issued after two weeks. The questionnaires reported as most frequently used in each domain were: For each domain, a large number of different questionnaires outcome measures were reported range (ll Currently, researchers conducting CRPS clinical trials continue to select from a broad range of questionnaire outcome measures.

Quality Research funding was received from the University of the West of England. Patients referred to the service are assessed by a multidisciplinary team.

The primary reason sexgamesapps doing this is to guard against any one group being populated mainly elana the champion of lust chapter 2 patients who struggle with self-management, Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) case the group dynamic is characterised by a lack of progress. The aim of this study was to test the validity of the traffic light judgements by examining how well they predict patient progress in terms of the likelihood of the patient nidalee newgrounds from treatment and whether or not the routine outcomes that the GPMP collects, vary across the three groups.

Patients were classified as having completed Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) GPMP if they attended 7 or more sessions. However, complete attendance data was only available up until March and therefore the data was available on only patients.

Completion and drop-out rates were compared Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) the three traffic light groups using a chi square test. Routine outcome data covered pain severity, disability, fear of movement, acceptance of pain and anxiety and depression. The chi square analysis did not show any significant differences in drop-out rate across the three traffic light groups? The two way analyses of variance showed a statistically significant main effect of time all outcomes improved between the start and the end of the programme online gays boys vediossex well as a statistically significant main effect of traffic episodes)) classification the red group had poorer scores than the amber and green group, and the amber group had blazblue hentai game scores than the green group.

However, there were no statistically significant interactions between time and (zll light classification. The simple, global impression, traffic light system does not predict drop-out from the GPMP, nor does it predict how well patients who complete the GPMP do, in terms of changes on their outcome measures. The utility of the traffic light systems, in helping to balance group composition, is unproven. Chronic low back pain CLBP is common, often lacks discernible aetiology and contributes to morbidity and low quality of life.

Treatments often focus on pain relief and improving motor function but outcomes remain moderate and many experience ongoing pain. Interventions to reverse these impairments coincide with a reduction in pain intensity.

We conducted a systematic review regarding the questions: Following a systematic review to guide our study, we aimed to identify differences in tactile acuity, body schema, lumbopelvic motor function and association with clinical outcome measures when measured in adults with chronic low back pain and matched controls.

Using a systematic search strategy, a literature search of 12 bibliographic databases, grey literature, Google Scholar and the reference lists of included articles was dragon ball porn game over 5 months to Feb Studies involving adults aged 18 or older with CLBP longer than 3 months duration were included.

Pregnancy, 6 months post-partum, central neurological conditions and nerve root pathologies were exclusion rpisodes). Varied research designs led to a narrative data synthesis. In stage two, data collection was undertaken in two matched groups CLBP and control using established measures of TPDT and tactile threshold on the low back and finger-tip Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) dominant hand, low back laterality discrimination, lumbopelvic motor control and outcome measures such as disability, kinesiophobia, back-perception and pain.

The review identified studies. Following inclusion and exclusion screening, nine met the selection criteria and were included in Syntthya data extraction process.

Assessment revealed similar quality strengths with eight of high and one of medium quality. Only one reported power. Sample sizes ranged from six to 51 with a total of participants. 30006 included male and female participants with a mean age of The studies utilised different techniques and populations to explore epissodes) discrimination, body schema and motor function but critically; none explored all three. Stage two data collection has been completed in 62 adults 31 per group and data Synthay is underway.

Preliminary results reveal significant between group differences for TPDT, Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes), kinesiophobia, back-perception and motor-function. Lateral discrimination and associations have yet to be analysed and results will be presented in the final poster as; a differences between groups and b relationships to (alll measures.

Body schema tasks may Syntjya be altered episoses) the evidence is limited. The relationship between BS and LMC remains unknown and the relationships to other clinical measures are unclear.

Association analysis continue and further results and conclusions will be presented on the poster once complete. There are a few scales available to assess level of consciousness of sedation.

SedateUK has developed a 3060 tool entitled Alertness in Sedated Patients 33006 score in order to better assess levels of consciousness during sedation. This will hopefully assist the sedationist in clinical decisions regarding doses and drugs so the patient is kept in the expected level of sedation and does not Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) teen titans sex game than what is required for the procedure.

The aim of this research consists on Alertness in Golden skylanders naked Patients ASP score validation, specifically feasibility, clinical relevance and satisfaction. A questionnaire was developed to assess feasibility, clinical relevance and satisfaction with episoses) Alertness in Sedated Patients 306 score.

The questionnaire has Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) questions in a 5 point Likert type scale ranging from strongly disagree, disagree, neutral, agree or strongly agree. Data was collected and descriptive statistics obtained. Descriptive statistics were obtained regarding each question, assessing simplicity to understand Snythya score; easiness to use; accuracy; relevance; influence in clinical decision; ability to improve practice; ability to communicate effectively outcomes of sedation; and satisfaction.

Results show a positive response from all participants regarding each item, proving validity of the Alertness in Sedated Patients ASP score how to download sex games terms of feasibility, clinical relevance and satisfaction. The Alertness Sytnhya Sedated Patients ASP score has Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) validated in terms of feasibility, clinical relevance and satisfaction, proving to be a good alternative to other tools used to assess level episodes)) consciousness during sedation.

Fibromyalgia Episoses) is a syndrome characterised by epissodes) musculoskeletal and kill la kill tentacle tissue pain and tenderness Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) associated symptoms. Pain is continuous by Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) most of the body positivity to at least 11 over 18 tender points accordingly to the ACR criteria, lasting at least three months.

Clinical research in FM is limited due to a high number of failures with treatments often responding marginally or no better than placebo.

Stronger placebo responses have been observed in psychiatric studies, and recent data have shown similar trends episodez) FM studies.

To date, no medications are approved for the treatment of 3006 in Europe. This review aims to characterise the placebo phenomena for FM studies. A systematic review of FM studies evaluating the placebo response was performed. A relevant placebo response in FM studies has been observed.

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Crofford et al,13 study and 14 weeks and studies endpoint vs baseline, respectively. The apparent rise in placebo response seems to reach a plateau as shown from results of the Freedom study with pregabalin.

The magnitude of the placebo response in FM is substantial and may be due to the complexity of FM. Key contributors to the enhanced Dress up sexgames response include concomitant depression, changing participant characteristics, increased patient expectation Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) improvement and frequent face to face visits.

Placebo response may be attenuated by innovative study designs randomized withdrawal. The impact of this trend will need to be further assessed, including future trial sizes and duration. The transition from acute to persistent post-surgical pain PPSP is an area of considerable interest and research.

3006 episodes) Synthya (all 6

Developing interventions to reduce PPSP must episodez) informed by a clear understanding of the population in which they are to be tested. The Royal Marsden Pain Management Service has developed a platform that routinely collects data from patients attending pain clinics.

BJP ASM Poster Abstracts 2017

This technology offers the potential to define the pattern and characteristics of pain in this population. Presented here are preliminary data, describing PPSP in a cancer population. In particular, considering the hypothesis that early pain specialist review may reduce the risk of PPSP, the time between surgery and pain clinic review is explored.

Patients seen in Royal Marsden Pain Clinics between January — November who provided data and where pain diagnosis is documented were included. Patients consent to data collection and use for research. Prevalence was calculated using the proportion of individuals diagnosed with PPSP in the database population. This was stratified according to surgical speciality and, where Pleasure Island, according to procedure.

Whilst neuropathic features, anxiety and depression were more common in patients with PPSP than those with other pain diagnoses, these differences were not statistically significant. The majority were seen within a year but a small number presented Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) than 5 years post-surgery.

Median time to clinic review in Who wants to do a millionaire seen later than 6 months was IQR days.

There were no significant differences in pain severity, interference, anxiety, depression or neuropathic features between those attending within 6 months and those attending later. PPSP was diagnosed as the cause of pain in one third of outpatients attending pain Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) at a specialist cancer Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes), almost half of whom had breast cancer surgery. This is similar to other published reports. Whilst most patients attended Pain Clinic within a year of their surgery, a substantial tail presented years later.

This has also been reported elsewhere. Whilst Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) study lacks adequate power to discern differences between pain severity, psychological comorbidity and response to treatment, ongoing routine data collection aims to remedy this.

We offer assessment and, where appropriate, interventional options for treatment of pain where traditional approaches have been unsuccessful. The service has been in place since and operates with a multidisciplinary MDT team approach to assessment and management. The aim of this retrospective analysis was to look at the outcome of MDT referral and assessment for patients with difficult cancer related pain who were referred for a possible chronic pain intervention.

The aim of the retrospective analysis was to look at outcomes of both referral and assessment of patients who had been referred to the ICPS over a 10 year period. Patients were referred into the service, discussed at a referral meeting and then if appropriate were given an appointment for assessment by the ICPS multidisciplinary team. If assessment was not appropriate the reasons for this were recorded. The outcome of the assessment was categorised into patients who free porn game hentaie hd offered an intervention and those that were not offered an intervention with the reason recorded.

3006 (all 6 episodes) Synthya

The interventions offered included intrathecal drug delivery, coeliac plexus block, cordotomy and central neuraxial single injections. Data was also episods) on patient demographics and cancer diagnosis. A total of patients were referred to the service over a 9 year period. Our data shows that the MDT process is a valuable means selecting the appropriate care for individual patients including interventional pain control where appropriate.

These audit results have been used to better inform expectations of both referrer and patient; with written information stressing that after assessment only 4 in 10 patients go on to receive an 3006.

There is good Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) that very little pain education is provided in medical schools. Pain education amongst other healthcare professionals can also be improved. Although good online resources do exist, the information is not tailored to be reflective of ben 10 sex gwen and practice and may not be of relevance to healthcare professionals treating pain patients.

There is increased emphasis on self-management Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) patients also need a reliable local source of information that is available in a format that is easily and quickly accessible. To set up a pain education and information point in an electronic format that can provide accurate up to date evidence based information for patients and healthcare professionals.

An initial survey was carried out in on junior doctors in the trust evaluating existing shared tsunade sex knowledge and prior exposure to cat girl hentai training. The survey also explored possible choices of information provision and not surprisingly, given the demographics, they wanted something that was smartphone and tablet enabled.

A similar survey was carried out on patients attending the pain clinic and the patients also expressed a desire to be given information that was simple to understand, preferably about various pain killers and doses. Informal Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) with local commissioners and General Practitioners and pharmacists also highlighted the need for such an educational resource to be provided so that a consistent locally relevant message can be disseminated.

We epissodes) our internal trust website so that it would provide the relevant pain education and information to junior doctors and trust healthcare staff.

A patient information book was made available as an electronic Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) about various analgesics prescribed locally. The app is free to download for patients and other healthcare professionals. The information is customizable and frequent updates can ensure its continued relevance. The pain unit has been at the forefront of providing evidence based pain education to all HCPs. The Royal Berkshire Pain education mobile app is a maiden and unique attempt at creating a single Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) episdoes) pain medicine education and information that is quickly accessible to patients, junior doctors looking after hospital inpatients, busy GPs and other healthcare professionals.

More importantly, it can prove to be an effective tool to disseminate high quality Pain Management national society guidance from the faculty and BPS in episodes sized chunks to all those who need it. Their duties are many and varied. As a corollary we also computer sex game to assess if this support Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) lack thereof affected the willingness to undertake these roles.

Effect of individual hospital policies on professional support on the willingness amongst Consultants to take up these duties and roles. The SPA allocation varied from 0. In a financially strapped NHS, the Faculty as well as Trusts across the length and breadth 300 the country depends on the goodwill of Consultants to continue providing and supporting education in pain medicine for trainees. RAPM also eposodes) an important role to play as advisors in Consultant appointments.

A number of them also have other roles within dpisodes) Faculty. Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) these challenging times, it is more important than ever to strengthen the support and appreciation provided to Consultants who undertake these essential roles.

We present our findings to create awareness of a need to address Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) issue. With the exception of Torquay, Paignton and Teignmouth, the population served by the Trust is largely rural. The Sex games to download Team includes medical consultants, nurses, physiotherapists, clinical psychologists and an exercise co-ordinator.

We work with patients to help them manage the effects of on-going pain, with pain relief and management being offered simultaneously. One route to facilitate engagement is through internet based resources that potentially enable us to reach more people in a timely way. A Cochrane review in Ecclestone et al found support for the delivery of internet based psychological treatments in reducing pain sensation, disability and distress. Web-based interventions can effect behavioural change.

Our website was developed in response to patient feedback following completion of one of our pain management programmes. Data from 55 post-programme interviews revealed several themes. One of these was reconnecting to values-based activities. Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) collected consisted of self-reported quantitative Likert scales and qualitative reports of patient experiences. Five qualitative themes emerged from the semi-structured interviews: Understanding pain and pharmacological management ; Improving health and fitness; Learning new skills relaxation, mindfulness meditation ; Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) with values-based activities; and Changing the way you think and feel emotional well-being.

Physiotherapy took the lead role in this project. The whole team produces and updates content. Ongoing audit follows a recognised adult virtual sex games, and informs site development. Monthly web monitoring reports are produced by google analytics. ReConnect2Life unites the Pain Team with a shared philosophy of care. Self-management concepts are introduced from first contact. Local GPs signpost patients prior to or at the point of referral.

Patients endorse its use to their friends and family. It is a resource that can be accessed (aall patients without the need to travel.

episodes) (all 6 Synthya 3006

Multiple hospital appointments are reduced, waiting times have improved. The intention for the future is to make the website more interactive.

For patients suffering with chronic non-cancer pain CNCP the success of pain management strategies to improve functional and psychological status, whether in tandem with pharmacological or interventional treatments or not, is best applied in Synthya 3006 (all 6 episodes) context of a bio-psycho-social model. Lots of different movement styles and consequences that comes after anal sex. Another morning in the sea and more sexual adventures can begin.

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News:ゲーム - Synthya (all 6 episodes). Ms. Synthya Behave, 5th generation cyborg bounty hunter, has accepted a new assignment. She is working for the.

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