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Apr 24, 7.

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Slave maker blogspot and bllahbllub like this. Apr 24, 8. Damn when I saw this I think my heart just skipped a beat thinking it has been finally updated. But sadly not the case, it hasn't been touched in 2 years.

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RyelApr 24, Apr 24, 9. For hentai online game minute there I was thinking cmac wasted time on updating this instead of working on A Spell for All.

Apr 24, Lieutenant twatApr 24, Can anybody comment whether or not this is worth it? ThialfApr 24, I was never a fan of the training mechanics in this game. I think slave maker blogspot involved a bar or something.

They can be raised to double the natural cap 20 for Slave maker blogspot Stats, 10 for Secondary Stats with the use of elixirs and runes.

blogspot slave maker

Five new attributes have been added for slaves. Male sex characters have two attributes slave maker blogspot themselves as well; shoulder and torso size. These are also secondary stats. The last stat is leg size, and it affects all characters like butt size.

Jun 9, - Magic · Active Sex · Slaves Jack-o-nine-tails is a slave trainer simulation game powered by the Quest Soft Player engine. The game is developed by Old Huntsman (Старый Охотник). (From Old Huntsman's blog post).

A lot of miscellaneous changes have been added to the game slave maker blogspot they are self explanatory, so just check the changelogs for them. Players can now choose to become a futanari at the start of the game. As futanari have fully functioning male daughter for dessert chapter 8 female genitalia, futanari players can impregnate and be impregnated.

The rune practicum has been slave maker blogspot added. The amount it costs to do so depends on how much you increase a stat and how rare the race is of the person you are adding enchantment runes to.

It can get very expensive!

maker blogspot slave

There are only a few options to enhance for now, but when the next update comes that revamps the beauty stat there will be much more to change.

Futanaris are very expensive because of their rarity and usability. They have functional male and female organs, allowing them to mate or be mated. Depending on the slave, street fighter porn games or she may identify as a woman slave maker blogspot as slave maker blogspot man gender wise, but their sex will be unchangeable until pt 2.

Trait tags have also been added.

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I'm slave maker blogspot to use it as a slave maker, slave maker blogspot. It feels nice getting all these sick fantasies on paper. Well, computer, you know what I mean. I wrote some pretty decent stuff for oral and masturbation, but I still have the sex, toys, frot, and handjobs left. I could probably write frot and handjobs myself, but I'm kinda stumped on what to write for sex and toys.

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Slave maker blogspot is really unlike me to say that, but don't worry too much about dialogues. After all, since this is a community project, you might be able to count on people liking your ideas and artwork slave maker blogspot. Most people are too lazy to complain about the bdsm porn games since they only want the H, but any.

Just ask for help, if you did some slave maker blogspot work on your side, you'll definitely get someone interested in giving you a hand. I can review Hinata further, cyrandl, for instance. For the sake of a soft cutie I mean Hinata, not any of you. Yeah, but I doubt anyone here would be willing to write yaoi.

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Maybe someone on Aarin might. Here's Wolfwood so far, by the way. I only have fluff, cooking, masturbation and oral done so far. I'm slave maker blogspot to work on handjobs next.

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But since I love Trigun, and I had a lot of uke makker, well Legato was actually my first choice, since he's the kind of guy who would enjoy being a slave as long as it was for Knives, but despite all the ho-yay between him and Knives, there's practically NO LegatoxKnives pictures on the internet, or any Legato pics slavve all.

Ya know, I probably hate yaoi much less than slave maker blogspot girls being raped That doesn't mean it's difficult to write a yaoi scene, though I'm definitely not yaoi myself. Many more fans here. Meh, Bogspot seen enough Lady of the Lewd Inn to be scared by yaoi.

Stop making up excuses and write something already Seriously, I've seen, slave maker blogspot and lived worse than seeing or imagining two boys fondling each other. I have no idea who are the characters you are referring to, but I can manage typos in H lsave, whatever the fetish, if there at least a guy in it. I'd have more much difficulty with yuri, unless I undergo serious surgery. I just have trouble writing sex scenes fun online sex games like most people here, I am but a ronery virgin.

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Maybe I'll read some fanfics for inspiration Last edited realistic fuck games bearz ; Ok, slave maker blogspot, I'll zip the darn file!

But not the Text but the Prio of the Events: For example, when you have a Love of All 3 would be true!

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If the Prio is lower, it's "more important". I hope I explained it well.

blogspot slave maker

Hmm, I also want to change the Layout of the game itself, it looks kinda crappy. Also tell me if you have suggestions for features or what you want to have next.


maker blogspot slave

That wolfwood slave maker blogspot looks like Iori Yagami from kof yeah,I don't know who the hell more than half the pokkaloh mermaid you guys talk about are on this site Personally I don't really play these types of games for h,reallt it's numbers and some random pics off the net and the story can't really compete with an slave maker blogspot vn I just wish 1 of these types of games would give you more options than say,whoring out girls or making slaves So i just noticed this and thought i would comment I will download and see what it's like,later A rep is worth a blobspot words.

Well, I'd say it's pretty simple and plain that way.

maker blogspot slave

Good for my taste IOW. Perhaps supporting transparency so it isn't a bother.


As for icons, you can DIY. There are many wikis about this, it's pretty simple. Sign slave maker blogspot with Twitter. Adult games with bligspot blogs By alakoMay 6, in Adult Gaming. Posted May 6, The Chronicles of Alexstrasza - Well, I guess you can guess what it is by the name.

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Progeny - Side scrolling action game in the resident evil universe. The Wink and Kiss - Another Neverwinter Nights adult module featuring a male slave maker blogspot mega breast expansion storyline I only tried the female slave maker blogspot.

Projekt Wolfenstahl blkgspot Another side scrolling action game that features rape on lost. Share this post Link to post. Posted May 7, Ah, found the post: My game would be something like a Lula 3d.

Quest, Maer, funny situations and many different sex partners all races and genders. Quest, Adventures, funny situations. You can "serve" the guards. You can ask Jaina suck at them, but in this case, when you again find yourself in a difficult situation, be prepared for what she says, "It's your turn! I hope they will get their act a little better. There's something to aim for, see: Sorry I spoiled the party.

And he's also bondage video game sigh. Posted May 8, Here's makee to keep on your radar: But has some real potential! Posted May 30, Posted June 8, Slave maker blogspot June 9, Wait until you see the one with the seven chicks in the shower!

Posted August 23, Newest update for King of Porn City. Slave maker blogspot should be watching this save

blogspot slave maker

Posted September 12, Posted September 14,

News:Jan 17, - Your goal in this interesting and complex adult sex game is to train your version can always be found on

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